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Architectural lighting fixtures

Lighting Design

Archilume is a lighting design studio that produces modern, energy-efficient LED luminaries that are sold online worldwide. Lighting fixtures available in showrooms across Canada, including architectural lighting agencies. Archilume offers pendant, wall sconces, and feature chandeliers in a variety of configurations in addition to producing custom design orders for both commercial and residential projects. Archilume’s mission is to evolve with the ever-changing LED lighting industry and create products that offer a seamless installation process.

Archilume is located, designed and manufactured in Canada.

Archilume fixtures

Archilume lighting fixtures by Saleem Khattak deliver a contemporary, jewel like quality in a glare-free luminaire – a revolutionary use of LED lighting and total internal reflection (TIR). Archilume’s line of fixtures include eight luminaires in linear and staggered horizontal configurations. The full Archilume collection includes pendant lights, ceiling chandeliers, and wall sconces. Suited for the ultra-modern to heritage-style interiors, Archilume’s luminaries are ideal for counter and bar areas, or in clustered formations as chandeliers in hotel lobbies, entrances, lounges and dining areas. The full line is versatile and offers the option to order custom configurations for commercial and residential projects. Designed by Saleem Khattak. Archilume lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Quick specifications

  • 2.5W 50,000 hrs Philips LED
  • 2700K and field replaceable
  • Polished or diffused acrylic lens
  • Custom configurations and finishes
  • CSA and UL listed
  • Made in Canada

Architectural Fittings

Architectural Fittings engineered components

Industrial Design

Architectural Fittings is a manufacturer of premium architectural hardware systems for glass railings and handrails. Designed by Saleem Khattak. Products include exposed fittings for offset, point fixed, frame-less panels and handrail support brackets. The fittings are made of machined aluminum and stainless steel with finish options to specification standards. Architectural applications include commercial and exposed residential and retail, or any environment where a cohesive aesthetic is desired from an exposed connecting hardware system.

Architectural Fittings is located, designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

Architectural Fittings: Components

Architectural Fittings by Saleem Khattak are high-end hardware systems for glass panel railings and handrails. The components are manufacturer from high quality stainless steel and aluminum to provide a cohesive aesthetic on exposed connections. Handrail support brackets are available in a variety of configurations to suit any building condition. Architectural Fitting’s exposed hardware fittings offer a variety of components for offset, frame-less glass panels. Designed by Saleem Khattak. Architectural Fittings systems are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Quick specifications

  • Machined stainless steel or aluminum
  • Specification brushed and anodized finishes
  • Made in Canada

Industrial design

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